May 6, 2012
by Benjamin Locher
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A Photo and Video Tour of Msalato College

Even though Elizabeth and I have not been to Tanzania yet (or anywhere in Africa, for that matter!), we still want to showcase where we hope to live and work. Once we arrive in Tanzania, we will be sure to chronicle our journey with regular photo gallery updates. In the mean time, please enjoy these photos we have borrowed from others who have lived at the seminary.… continue reading

The Holy Name of Jesus

May 1, 2012
by Elizabeth Locher

One Holy Name She Blesses

Missionary work is kind of a crazy thing to do. Leaving family and friends, home and career to travel halfway across the world and try to find a place in a foreign culture. Plus, there are scary snakes.

And today, Christians exist in every country, even when they are a small minority. In some ways it makes the most sense to stay where you are, and reach out in service and love to those who share a common culture and language with you.… continue reading