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Neither Elizabeth not I have been to Dodoma, Tanzania. We’ve never even been anywhere on the continent of Africa. So, in order to showcase where we hope to live and work, we needed to borrow pictures from others who have lived or are living there. Once we arrive in Tanzania, we will be sure to chronicle our journey with regular photo gallery updates. In the mean time, please enjoy these photos, and, if you have an extra minute, please visit the sites listed in each caption. Please click on an image to enlarge the picture and view the caption.


The following video is a advertisement for the Footsteps in Faith (website) endowment campaign for Msalato Theological College (website). At about 13 minutes, it is a bit long, but it does give an overview of the numerous ministries at Msalato Theological College as well as daily life there.

Msalato Theological College Introduction Video


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